Friday, June 19, 2009

The European leagues are finally over and now TEENage would like to give you our readers a review of the champions of the elite European competitions. We start with the EPL hat-trickers Manchester United.

Teenage names
Nemanja Vidic as the MVP of the 2008-2009 EPL season for Manchester United.
League: Barclay's English Premier LeagueYear: 2008-2009
Winner: Manchester United
: Sir Alex Ferguson
MVP: Nemanja Vidic
Goals scored: 68
Goals conceded: 24
Top Scorer (goals): Cristiano Ronaldo (18)
League Record: 28-6-4

For those of you who remember, in our Champions Profile last season we closed with the question, "can Man U bring this form into next season and make it a hat-trick of titles or will another team rise up and claim supremacy?"
Well, as we have all witnessed, for the third season in a row, the Red Devils have proven to be more composed and focused than their rivals in the quest for English league success.
The season started out just as any other, with Man U slow out of the blocks for various reasons inclusive of the European Super Cup and Club World Cup competitions that they compete. In addition, their MVP of last season Cristiano Ronaldo was inactive due to injury.
As the season and rounds progressed Manchester United slowly began to pull them back into the title race capitalising on the mistakes of forerunners Chelsea and Liverpool, the former beginning in sublime form much to the prowess of Nicolas Anelka.
By January 17, the hard work had finally paid off and the Man U defence and goalkeeping celebrated their 10th consecutive clean sheet with a 1-0 win over Bolton Wanderers to hand them the lead. Dimitar Berbatov got the late winner and this was just the beginning of many game-winning goals which combined superbly with the back four to lead Man U to their third straight title.
The 2007-2008 EPL victory was mainly accredited to the forwards, but this season (2008-2009), the defence showed why they are dubbed "the best in the world" at present.
Though the team scored 12 goals less and conceded two goals more than they did last season, the 10-plus streak of clean sheet victories was ultimately what allowed the Red Devils to keep up with the league leaders until they were able to take over.
In TEENage's opinion, centre back Nemanja Vidic claimed the MVP award (narrowly ahead of 'keeper Edwin van Der Sar) for this very reason. The Serbian commanded the back line with sheer brilliance for most of the season in addition to shepherding new comers Rafael Da Silva and Jonny Evans.
The emergence of Federico Macheda also proved vital as his game-winning goals against Aston Villa and Sunderland in consecutive games gave his teammates the motivation they needed to continue their push for the title. On the final streak, a 5-2 come-from-behind win against Tottenham Hotspurs was the game which showed the world that Man U deserved the title.

Three seasons in a row is not an easy feat, but Manchester United pulled it off so TEENage sends congratulations to the club and the fans. Let us see if they can make it four in row!

Finally football season is over..........and once again Manchester United are CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!Though we din claim the CL we had a fantastic season breaking records along the way and we equalled Liverpool's record of 18 league titles...........n next eyar we're gonna surpass it.......

Glory! Glory Man United & The Reds go Marching on on on!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Whoa........we've come so fast

U noe rite at this moment i was jus tudying n something jus hit me..........that we've come so fast. I usually listen to songs wen i study(have to) n Jordin Sparks "Tatoo" jus came on. I don noe y , evrytime i listen 2 this song i think of Form 1...........probably cuz dis song came out that year n we were all addicted to it.............but jus listening to it made me realize that we're all nt in Form 1 anymore. We've changed...........a whole lot............which sometimes isn't always a gud thing. We're nw 15............we've changed. A lot of things have changed.............times change....ppl change. Sometimes frens stay with u n otehr times they leave leaving space 4 other ppl 2 fill them..........n sometimes...........maybe these new ppl r better 4 u. MAybe ur life wud b better without those ppl tht have left or changed so much u feel like u don noe them anymore. But we all have 2 accept that change is inevitable whether we like it or not cuz it's something to do with the whole circle of life crap. If it's one thing i've learnt in thsi few years is that NOTHING is permanent. U can b someone today n jus like that u can fall so hard u mite nt b able to get up on ur own that is. If u have the rite ppl with u who will stick by u like UHU glu no matter wat then u'll be fine no matter wat. Even wen the world mite look like it's going 2 doesn't seem so bad wen their around. Eventhough i said earlier that nothing is permanent and evrything changes............somethings jus never frenships n families............n 4 that i am glad that nt evrything has 2 change.

Friday, March 27, 2009

wow.........2009 redilah.......

whoa!!!!!!!! din realize dis is ma first blog of 2009........n i'm typing in at the end of March......where did the 3 months go??????????PMR is still far, far away NOT!!!!!! Neway dats later.......nw i'm kinda like thinking bout ma prefects camp which is 2moro... hehe..........Don noe whether i'm excited or wat. it jus seems like evry other day...... like i go camping evryday huh!!! Jus packed ma stuff.........playing mafia wars( coolest games on facebook) Waiting 2 get more money(spent it all) and dis ppl keep attacking me and making me lose all ma money all over again.........aiyo!!!!!!!!! Neway my camp is in Bt Kinding.......datz like somewhere near Tanjung Rambutan( haha.........i noe) n ma fren hu lives somewhere der said dat da place is kinda like old n she went there like 2 years ago.........great rite. anyway as a prefect we have to go thru dis stupid camp evry year without fail..........wen i was in form 1 it was at dis place called Batu Ampar "RESORT" hahahahahahahaha............the most horrible resorts in the history of resorts............though i mite stand corrected if this place i am going 2 2moro is worst since it's called Bt. kinding RESORT. All of us jus start sniggering the moment we hear the word resort cuz we all jus noe hw wonderful the resort is gonna be...........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U noe wats da worst part............I alredi feel so tired n sleepy b4 the camp I'd probably be dead to the world. I had such a crappy one week March holiday cuz i barely even got a holiday. I had this competition 2 take part in with ma frens. That was kinda fun though xcept the part wer i felt ma head was gonna explode due to lack of sleep n presure(there was absolutely no lacking in pressure!!!!!!!!) No no no no no the WORST PART IS..............................................................................................................
MISSING INTERNATIONALS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS). I was reli looking forward to the match agains Spain n Turkey.................Aihhhhhh jus have to watch the repeat. Oh no! I wouldn't be back yet fr camp wen they show the repeat..........great luck huh!! Oh yeah, n I'd so be missing out on EARTH HOUR!!! Cool rite evryone turning out the light all together according to their time zones evrywhere in the world.Don noe whetehr we'll observe this at camp(hope we do). Well my 1 week holiday did have an upside 2 cuz i went to KL. On Sat it was so cool i went 2 Sunway Pyramid in the morning n they were kinda like publishing it there n Sunway Pyramid's like gonna observe Earth Hour too so yeah. Den the highlight of my holiday was watchign SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEV PATEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok he acted so well esp the part in the police station........those of u hu have not watched the movie pls by all means get the DVD and watch's reli gud n it's soundtract is equally as gud......JAI HO!!.
I was so upset wen they stopped showing the movie in Ipoh........n the worst part was like I was planning 2 go c the movie on Thursday cuz i was like jam packed with tuitions(story of ma life) n they stopped showing the movie on that wrote so much without realizing...........hehe................well datz wats been up with me lately......OFF TO CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 week and counting........

Ok so now i guess there's just bout 1 week 2 wait 4 the Twilight books. it's pure torture cuz evrywhere i go i just get reminded bout it. Like in so many ways. I started noticing things which like usually just slip by me. Well, the fact that I'm even using the word well. Hmmmm.......well like the other day i was listening 2 this song on Hitz f.m. n then i heard the word Twilight in the song n the thing is like i've heard this song like a million times but never noticed it b4. Oh, n i was watching the Nancy drew movie n there was the word Twilight in one of the newspaper articles In the Movie. Then like my cuzins came down 4 the hols n he brought this book along n he's not the type that loves 2 read so this book was just lying on the table. i was so bored i took the boo n started reading it. It was such a depressing story about a boy who had cancer n was going 2 die. As I was reading i came across the word vampire. I got so frustrated i just stop reading the book. I mean seriously the boy is gonna die n even he has 2 think bout vampires. Then came the newspaper......Chelsea were playing this Romanian club in champions league football........n according 2 like the ppl this club was like very near the place where Dracula came from so again we come back 2 Vampires n twilight. There's no running away from it seriously. There were actually so many other things that reminded me of Twilight but can't reli remember all of them now. Can't wait......

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 weeks is just agony

Well it's just been 2 days since i watched the blockbuster movie Twilight starring Harry Potter's Cedric Diggory....Robert Pattinson. I totally loved it n needed 2 buy the book immediately. The next day, my bro needed to go 2 Jusco 2 get a present 4 1 of his buddies so i took the opportunity to go along.........hehe. Well, Twilight was available so i grabbed the book..........however the next 2 books were out of stock n when i asked the salesperson wen the books wud come she said in TWO WEEKS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so dissapointed but at the time i hadn't even started reading Twilight yet. Well since we were alredi in harm eating the Mc Donald's ice-cream rite?????? I so wished that they had the Mc Flurry with the cute small little M & M's in it but they didn't.......big shocker there...... i guess it just wasn't meant 2 be my day.........haish. So i tried the Madagascar one which was ok. I was so upset dat i din even bother bout the taste n din realise that it had a sort of Milo kinda taste till my bro told me. Anyway, I'm getting's just to dissapointing having 2 wait 2 weeks. Oh yeah back 2 my after buying the Mc Flurry(the line was reli long BTW). come 2 think of it I've neva reli seen Jusco that crowded b4. I started reading Twilight the moment i got in2 the car........the Mc Flurry still in my other hand. Eventhough I watch the movie not matter wat movie it is, if it was based on a book n i reli loved it I just had to buy the book n read it cuz in the movie they sort of edit out certain parts n i just have 2 noe the whole story.So i started reading Twilight n i got so addicted to it............i slept at 4 a.m reading it. It's sort of like my normal sleeping time. I noe..........holidayz rule!!!!!Oh n i finished the book lyke the followin afternoon which was yesterday n i've been like lost ever's kind of like wen Euro 2008 finished.........haha. Story not over......don worry 2day my bro went to Parade wit his frens. I gave him strict instructions to get me the books from popular since we had oni tried MPH. I was sooooooo dissapointed wen he came home empty handed. So i've been so upset eventhough i have like two other books waiting 2 be read........I'm struggling 2 finish the first one which i cud finish in less than a day is i wasn't this upset........I'm sort of like in a conflict with myself cuz i want the 2 weeks to fly by so that I can buy the books but at the same time if they fly by I'll be all the more nearer 2 go back to school. I'm stuck. Any advice anyone?????????????

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Ballon d'Or (European Footballer of The Year)

France Football has handed its prestigious Ballon d'Or award to Cristiano Ronaldo, a decision that will surprise no-one given his outstanding performances over the past 12 months.The 23-year-old led Sir Alex Ferguson's side to the Premier League and Champions League titles last term, netting some 42 goals along the way - an incredible feat for a player who predominately plays on the right flank.Ronaldo was a clear winner, collecting 77 votes from the 96 journalists who judge the award, while Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Liverpool's Fernando Torres filled out the placings.It is just the latest of many individual triumphs for the former Sporting Lisbon sensation, who was dubbed player of the year by the Football Writers' Association and the Professional Footballers' Association in 2006-07. He was recently named the 2008 FIFPro World Player of the Year.Ronaldo becomes the fourth Man United star to claim the Ballon d'Or, following in the footsteps of Denis Law (1964), Sir Bobby Charlton (1966) and George Best (1968).It is perhaps fitting that the Real Madrid target's win marks the 40th anniversary of Best's triumph, as he has often been compared to the late, great Ulsterman.Next up for Ronaldo is the FIFA World Player of the Year gong, which has never been won by an English-based player.

Congratulations CR7............he totally deserves it for his amazing achievement throughtout last season............CR 7 for Fifa World Player of the Year...............yay!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spain delights in ‘Year of Miracles’ in sport

The Davis Cup triumph "puts a broach of gold on the best ever year for Spanish tennis", a year which saw Nadal win the French Open, Wimbledon, the Olympic gold medal in Beijing and dethrone Swiss Roger Federer atop the rankings. All in all, Spain won 18 medals in Beijing, their third highest Olympic total. An "annus mirabilis" (a "year of miracles") for Spanish sport. But the most high-profile Spanish triumph was that of the football team at Euro 2008. Spanish cycling, with Alberto Contador winning the Giro de Italia and the Vuelta a Espana - and with Oscar Freire first in the Tour de France. Fernando Alonso failed in his bid to regain the Formula One world title, but at least he managed to win two races for Renault. Pau Gasol, meanwhile, became the first Spaniard to participate in an NBA basketball final, with Los Angelese Lakers, while Sergio Garcia moved up to second in the world golf rankings. According to television channel Antena 3 on Monday night, "the sporting achievements of 2008 have gone beyond what any of us dared to hope for or expect."

I still think that the best achievement wud be the football team
closely followed by rafael Nadal's success